Monday, September 19, 2011

Surf mouse 101

Last week of our adventure and we've decided to ditch the backpacker vibe and and scrub up a little. 5 nights in a a spot where aircon is standard and you get bath towels AND pool towels. Eating brekkie watching the waves break on Legian beach, just up the coast from the famous (infamous?) Kuta. First surf lesson got me up on a board and grinning like a monkey to the shore. In the last week all things come to and end. But in a sense the journey has only just begun. What remains. . . .?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Too much Gado-Gado gives you a long tongue.

Helpful advice is easy to come by in Bali

Relaxing at our favourite restaurant, Kafe. A world of delights for anyone into organic, steamed, vegan, raw, or just plain old healthy and tasty. Oh, and they serve cocktails.

Bali station wagon. We've also seen 10 year old sitting asleep on the front, slumped against his dad, with mum and toddler squeezed into the back. And a 4 year old standing on his dads knees, driving himself along some pretty busy roads. Girls in skirts get lifts sitting side-saddle, and texting while driving is standard practice.

The beautiful Water Palace in Ubud. Right next to Starbucks. Hey, at least it's not a MacDonalds.

Famous lotus wheel bike carved into the side of a temple to Dewi Sri - goddess of fertility.